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This site is dedicated to the Verification and Authentication, of Biostar's Ownership Rights of the NLS Vector Technology (including Copyrights, Trademarks, Source Code, Software and Hardware Names). Chances are you've probably seen a counterfeit Vector at one time or another. Maybe you even inadvertently purchased one under a different name, only to find out later that it wasn't the brand name product at an incredible price as advertised. With increased demand for NLS Technology counterfeiting has become a profitable industry. So Consumers and Health Professionals can choose with confidence, Biostar Technology International has published this informational site so that you can every company who sell NLS technology can post PROOF OF OWNERSHIP RIGHTS, otherwise you can assume your purchasing STOLEN software.

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Although our NLS Software Copyright was registered in 2010 in Russia, Copyright is acquired automatically when an original work is generated, the creator is not required to register or mark the work with the copyright symbol in order to be protected. The rights holder is granted: the exclusive right of reproduction, the right to rent the software, the right to restrain others from renting the software and the right to assign or license the copyright to others.


Biostar Technology International, LLC. Since at least as early as January 2005, Biostar Technology International, LLC has used several variations of DIACOM, BIOSTAR and VECTOR as a trademarks for its many medical devices. In addition to its common law rights in many trademarks incorporating DIACOM, BIOSTAR and VECTOR also owns federal trademark application.
Biostar has spent a significant amount of time and energy developing the goodwill that consumers associate with its trademarks, and it must police infringing uses of trademarks incorporating VECTOR for related goods and services

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Unlicensed software use is illegal and can result in both civil as well as criminal penalties. It exposes businesses and consumers to security threats including malware, ransomware, spyware and viruses, and leads to decreased efficiencies in organizations. Those who are aware of unlicensed software are encouraged to report it our confidential online form:

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